Industy is an allencompassing term. “Industry” covers everything, from petrochemistry to the production of concrete or fodder. Our experience in many of the industrial segments allows us to provide you with the proper advice with regard to your pump requests. Should this advice mean that we recommend the purchase of a pump outside of Foresta Trading bv’s standard product programme, this is no problem. We maintain excellent relationships with our competing businesses and operate brand independently.

Some examples of this are:

  • SAER pumps for all forms of water transport, cooling, circulating and for instance pumping liquid fertiliser.
  • SAER deepwell pumps for general water supply, firefighting, cooling, geothermal energy and energy storage in aquifers, etc
  • VICTOR for all applications in which a robust, durable self-priming pump is required.
  • VICTOR internal gear pumps for low to highly viscous liquids such as oil, melasses, bitumen, chocolate, etc.  Available in various versions, such as for instance with a heating jacket.
  • GVR gear pumps for low to highly viscous liquids and water.
  • BOYSER peristaltic pumps for low to highly viscous liquids, metering applications, etc.
  • DRENO submersible pumps for processing clear water wastewater and/or leakage water.